Marisa Vasquez

Marisa Vasquez is a Journalism Major at Cal State LA and is Editor-in-Chief of the University Times student run newspaper on campus. She has lived in North East LA for 20+ years and is working to become an editor at a major news/media company.

Michelle Ontiveros

Currently attends Cal State LA and is studying to receive a bachelor’s degree in Chican@/Latin@. She lives in Los Angeles and is very passionate about helping others and the fight against gentrification in communities of color.

Cesar Tapia

Cesar Tapia is an undergrad social work student at Cal State LA. He is a resident of Northeast Los Angeles and is an active volunteer with the International Rescue Committee as well as a photographer.

Tamar Mlikyan

Tamar Mlikyan is a student at Cal State LA; her goal is to receive a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She lives in Los Angeles and she likes to be an active member of society.

Jocelin Alvarez

Currently attending Cal State LA to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. She lives in Los Angeles and is passionate about environmental issues that affect her community.

Elizabeth Guerra

Elizabeth Guerra is a 2nd year political science major with an interest in a Latin American studies minor. Her interest in everything regarding environmental studies come from the knowledge of the injustices that are seen within communities of predominately black and Latino communities.