French Deeds Prevent 9th Ward houses from Federal Assistance

Creator:Debbie Elliott
Credit:NPR Despite the city’s strategy of auctioning blighted properties, houses like this remain 10 years after Hurricane Katrina. Vandals have stripped the home’s cypress floors and other architectural artifacts.

After Katrina hit the low income neighborhood of 9th Ward, all residents were left neglected. Their homes were destroyed and the federal government left them without safety resources. The neglect they faced from the government was due to the fact that many of these deeds came from the French colonial era and others had their deeds destroyed in the hurricane. Many of these properties were passed down by generations and never formally transferred. The government classified these homes as vacant or blighted. Never truly intending to rebuild the community because black families were being priced out of their community to cater to a different group of people. According to the film The Road Back Home, only 36% have returned to the 9th Ward compared to the 90% that have returned to other communities. Even if they have received compensation for their destroyed home, it was not enough to rebuild it. Since they were being priced out, while the market value was low, the cost to reconstruct it was much higher leaving with no other option but to sell or abandon their home.

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